Laundry, Ironing, Dry Cleaning & Repairs

Our Award Winning Services

Our services include Laundry, Ironing, laundry repairs and alterations, and environmentally sustainable alternative to Dry Cleaning.


Our highly professional ironing service is truly top notch. No shiny iron marks, no pocket or lining marks, superb finish on those summer frills and exceptional shirt finishing.


We offer 2 main laundry services; simple wash dry and fold or complete washing and ironing.

With all laundry orders, we sort the items into coloured and white loads. We check for and spot treat stains. Care labels provide important advice on fabric care and we always follow them. This may include not tumble drying, avoiding certain chemicals or even hand washing. We also offer a sensitive skin option which includes non-bio low allergen detergent & conditioner as well as a specialist program to ensure all residues are thoroughly removed from fabrics.

Ozone adds a further element to our laundry and duvet service. We have a registered Research & Development project specific to ozone use in laundry. Ozone facilitates low-temperature washing whilst providing disinfection. It opens up fabrics at a microscopic level helping to return them to a fresher softer state. All of these benefits reduce energy inputs whilst improving results and we are quantifying these differences relative to non-ozone laundry in our R&D project. Used incorrectly it has the potential to damage fabrics and so beware of companies jumping on what is becoming a popular bandwagon without the appropriate R&D, in-depth understanding, and safeguards in place.


We clean duvets of all different types and construction. Whilst most are laundered with ozone disinfection certain types such as silk require specialist care and feather/down duvets have a better and longer service life if cleaned and dried appropriately for their natural filling to be restored.

Dry Cleaning

Solvent free eco-friendly special care cleaning gives fantastic results on all dry cleaning items including woollens, silks, coats, suits and more. Finishing special care items requires skill as well as excellent equipment in order to ensure the best possible finish with no potential for damage. To accomplish this we have a range of different steam finishing stations and equipment and all our staff are trained and experienced. Wedding and fancy summer dresses are particular specialities of ours.

Clothing Repairs & Alterations

We carry out repairs and alterations on most items and can carry out made-to-measure alterations on special items like wedding dresses.

Delivery Service

How does our collection & delivery service work?

Create Your Account & Place Order
Order Collected at Chosen Time & Place
Order Professionally Processed
Delivered Back to Your Door

Time saving

Your clean laundry is delivered straight to your doorstep and ready for you to wear.

Money saving

Just think about the cost of energy and water used in every washer and dryer load.

Environmentally friendly

No single use plastic. Phosphate & chlorine free. Electric delivery vehicles.

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