Saving the Planet a Laundry Load at a Time.

This is not just about “Net Zero” as a tag line.


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About Us


True sustainability means husbanding the land that nurtures us, cleaning the air we breath, managing water sources responsibly and so much more. We are passionate about minimising our negative impact on the environment across all areas. Don’t just say it, do it, as Dad always used to say!

We are dedicated to minimising our negative impact on the environment.

- Martin & Anne Benson, Founders

This is how we do it


  • Low-temperature washing from ambient 6C to max 40C saves energy and increases fabric life
  • The minimal water heating required uses ultra efficient carbon certified contra-flow bare wire heaters minimising energy input.


  • Laundry washed in ozonated water – 50% less energy, 60% less chemical, 100% disinfection & brilliantly clean!
  • Ozone cuts drying time & energy by opening up fibres at the microscopic level
  • Gives fabrics a softer feel & longer life.

Elecric Van

  • Orders placed electronically – no printing, no paper tickets
  • Collection & delivery rounds organised logistically for the lowest mileage
  • Fully electric van
  • Delivery and collection within 30 minutes of the laundry – keeping it local.


  • Ultra-efficient modern smart washing machines
  • Weigh each load and precisely auto dose chemicals and water specific to load weight & soiling level
  • All data and metrics recorded for our R & D project analysis
  • We can see exactly what is being used – power, water, chemicals, mechanical action etc and improve programmes for best possible results with lowest possible inputs. 


  • Detergents manufactured locally in N’Hampton reducing delivery miles and supporting British manufacturing. They are also working on many environmental initiatives on their road to Net Zero.
  • Biodegradable
  • Phosphate free
  • Chlorine-free
  • No OBAs
  • Supplied in drums collected and washed for re-use.

Special Care

  • Solvent free sustainable alternative to dry cleaning for special care items
  • Better soil removal than traditional dry cleaning
  • No hazardous organic solvents
  • Low allergy
  • Safer and healthier for operatives
  • Safer for a wider range of fabrics and garment construction types​
  • Safe for beads, buttons, and embellishments 
  • Fabulous for wedding dresses

Laundry Drying

  • Ultra-efficient modern smart dryers
  • Monitor moisture content
  • Dry at very low temperatures (like a British summers day!) to exactly the right degree
  • Saves approx. 35% energy
  • Protects fabrics from over-drying, shrinkage or heat damage.
  • Extents fabric life
  • Ozone cuts drying time further 15% as it opens fibres at microscopic level.

No single use plastics

  • These bags represent the beginning of our journey. We have never used single-use plastics and the lack of options when we started in 2018 nearly led to us giving up before we began until we found these!
  • Recycled
  • Recyclable
  • Re-useable bags and garment covers.
  • We have plans afoot to manufacture our own from reclaimed fabrics in the future. 


  • ​Ironing & finishing with efficient modern steam coil generators​
  • Innovative finishing equipment uses air to push steam back through items again, thereby utilising the steam twice for fantastic results with half the steam and energy.
  • Minimal heat-up time/energy
  • Only turn on machines required for work in hand
  • No central boiler; no wasted steam/energy filling pipework 

No condensate to push through wasting energy

Eco Friendly

Repairs & Alterations

Extending the usable life of our clothes & household fabrics is one of the best possible ways to reduce our ‘fashion footprint’ as much as possible. Almost everything can be repaired, especially items built from quality materials in the beginning. Buy less but buy quality and we can help you keep them in service for years to come. 

What's coming?

And we’re not stopping here. Other projects in the pipeline:

  • Micro-plastics filtration
  • Wastewater capture, filtration and re-cycling 
  • Research & development underway analysing carbon footprint of each aspect of our processes
  • Full Net zero project to create action timeline before the years end
  • R & D helping us identify ways to improve results across all services with lower inputs
  • On site renewable energy generation in our sights
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